Yusif Meizongo Jnr, The Man With An Exceptional Sense Of Smell

Living a life that revolves around perfumery and scents can only be a dream sparked by great passion and immense love for good fragrance. 
Just as the power of fragrance is believed to enhance moods, trigger memories, and create a sensation that boosts confidence, Maison Yusif’s love for fragrances and sensitivity to scents has stemmed from a childhood obsession.  This has since stirred his obsession to become one of the most revered young perfumers taking over the world in today’s age, with his premium perfume brand, Maison Yusif. 
Yusif Meizongo Jnr, popularly referred to as Maison Yusif, is a Ghanaian artisan perfume brand serving consumers what they want in luxurious perfume fragrances in Ghana.  The inspiration behind Maison Yusif fragrance is a discovery and love affair of scents through flowers, trees, plants, and fruits, that Maison Yusif captured, fell in love with, and wanted to share with the entire universe.
“I think fragrance came to me as a gift from God. I’ve always loved fragrances since I was a kid. My grandma tells me, me doing this work is not a coincidence because I used to complain to her about people’s smell and body odor even as little as 5 to 6 years old,“ he said
Since its official inception in 2017, What You want Co.has served Ghanaians and many perfume lovers around the world with a deluge of world-class fragrances, from his numerous creations. 
Maison Yusif’s signature scents have over the years received massive approval from clients who have come to fall in love with his distinctive works. 
Speaking about his passion for the work, Maison Yusif indicated that his mind and heart for the job are deep-rooted, allowing him to excel in the craft.
“I’d give my life for it. I have lost my heart and mind in this quest and I don’t know how far it’s going to take me from here but I’m willing to put up my life for it,” he mentioned. 
Maison Yusif, in his quest to produce world-class fragrances, took up a full-year course in perfumery from a renowned institution and several short courses in Dubai, Turkey, France, Nigeria, and Ethiopia, to master his craft. 
The 25-year-old entrepreneur, who currently operates branches in Accra and Kumasi, has within a space of Five(5) years, professionally chalked remarkable successes worth mentioning, not forgetting the many challenging times that have accompanied his growth. 
The young maverick, together with his nine (9) member team, through their creative lenses, have created over 200 top-notch fragrances both in pure oils and alcohol-based perfumes for clients around the globe, with a chunk of them still in the works. 
These breathtaking fragrances include Love & lust, Deeper Than Words, What A Time To Be Alive, Take Me To Paris and Another Face Of Oud, as well as Scent Of A Queen, The Vatican, I’m Yours & You’re Mine, Eau De Strong, Bad Influence, More Than A Perfume, and also, Not A Perfume.
According to Maison Yusif, his fragrance is inspired by feelings, circumstances, places, etc. 
“To create a fragrance, I first need inspiration. This is why we’re an artisan fragrance house. All my fragrances are based on a memory, an emotion, a place, a feeling, or something. After this i pick the inspiration about what I want to create and based on the name I believe befits what I want to create, I hit the lab,” he added. 
The young perfumer, who keeps adding to his fleets of excellent works of art, has won many laurels in recognition of his numerous works both in and outside Ghana. 
In 2021, Maison Yusif was named the Most Respected CEO in the Manufacturing (Perfumery) Industry in Dubai. In the same year, Yusif Meizongo’s Maison Yusif   emerged as the “Emerging Brand of the Year” at the Global Business Summit held in Accra, as well, Baron in the Cosmetic (Perfumery) Industry Award in 2021, Product of the Year Award in 2022, among many others. 
Expressing his gratitude to the utmost pour of love from Ghanaians, he indicated that it’s amazing how Ghanaians have come to accept the Maison Yusif brand as a Ghanaian brand delivering on quality. 
“It’s overwhelming to see how Ghanaians have embraced Maison Yusif as their own. I think people have embraced us that much because of the quality we put into our work and how polished our brand has been. I think now people want to have a taste of products from their indigenes,” he added. 
Maison Yusif further reiterated his commitment to creating a full fragrance industry for his brand where he will employ over a thousand youth, especially those with a background in chemistry, to create jobs and also train young individuals with an interest in perfumery. 
He hopes that his long-standing wish of owning a stand at the arrival hall at the Kotoka International Airport will one day be granted so that he can showcase to the rest of the world and travelers coming through Ghana’s airport what he’s made of.