What Standard Chartered CEO Said On Career Fair

For more than 5 years we have played an important role in the organization of this Career Fair.Our continuous lead, emphasises our commitment towards the building of sustainable and inclusive communities. 

At Standard Chartered we are focused on building a culture of inclusion, which is a critical lever to the bank’s success. Our unique diversity, alongside our inclusive values and culture are essential building blocks and drivers of our purpose. This enables our staff to unlock innovation, make better decisions, deliver our strategy, live our valued behaviours, and “Here for good.”

Yesterday, some of our staff volunteered their skills in the bootcamp prior to this programme. They engaged 50 young persons, teaching them skills to enable then get into the job market. There was an interesting session on how to successfully manage your business, touching on budgeting, stock management and planning.

The Ghana Disability Act states that, “A person with disability shall not be deprived of the right to live with that person's family or the right to participate in social, political, economic, creative or recreational activities.” As a Bank we strive to build an environment where everyone with the capability to excel can do so, underpinned by a culture where everyone feels safe, included, heard and respected for being their authentic unique self. We believe no one should be left out or behind in the workplace simply because they have a challenge. Work and progressing in work is the best route to raising living standards and a physical incapacity should not exclude one from being a part of that growth.

We continue to engage persons with disability in our organisation and ensure that our recruitment processes do not exclude qualified persons because of their disability. We also ensure the workplace is disability friendly providing a conducive environment to thrive and grow. We actively have staff living with disability whose, careers we actively support.

At the Bank our premises are disability friendly with designated packing slots, washrooms as well as special teller areas. Our ATMs have braille keyboards for the visually impaired and we provided emergency flashlights on all the floors to help people with hearing impairment to see during an emergency.  All our emergency evacuations procedures take people living with disability into consideration.

As an organisation, this Career Fair, is not another box ticking exercise towards driving inclusion at our workplace, but an appreciation of the benefits to both prospective employers and potential employees. It is our way of building inclusive communities.

As partners and employers, we need to be passionate about driving inclusion in every sphere of our organizations and recruitment is one way to do this. We believe this fair would help you as much as possible kick start your dream, stay, and succeed in the job market. We also believe this will help you break the barriers you often encounter as well as destroying stereotypes.

To the candidates, thank you for accepting our invitation and joining us. Let us all fully participate in today’s event with the hope of making the most of all the opportunities available. I urge you to put your best foot forward and exude confidence in your interactions. To the employers present, there are hidden gems in the candidates invited. To our partners, I encourage you to engage and find candidates that fit open roles in your organization or alternatively for internships or mentorship.

Each year we are honoured to work with the Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations (GFD)not only for this fair but also for placements in the Bank. We look forward to a continued collaboration. I would like to extend my gratitude to all our other partners, the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), British Council, Altruistic Foundation, Promoting Equal Rights for Women and Girls with Disabilities in Ghana (PERD), United Nations Ghana, Orica West Africa and the Multimedia Group for all the work you do to drive inclusion. Special thanks to the committee that worked earnestly to put the Boot Camp and Career Fair together, you have done an awesome job.


Once again, I welcome you all to this year’s Career Fair.