Move To Your Brother or Sister’s House If It Starts Raining – Western Regional Minister Advises

The Western regional minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko, has suggested a plan B for his constituents who live in flood-prone areas.

The minister’s statement has been circulated via a viral video following an interview on Takoradi’s massive flood issues.

“Those who stay in areas that are prone to flooding should always have a plan B. When it starts raining, you should move to your brother or sister or something for a week or two. Then when the rain subsides, you come back home.”

After the video circulated, netizens reacted with their opinions. While some agreed with the minister’s plan b, others did not hold back as Mr. Darko got mauled.

Kwabena Darko’s submission was necessitated due to the recent viral flood videos from the region.

Several Takoradi drivers were shown in the videos stranded inside their vehicles as floodwater engulfed them.

Ghana’s annual floods often occur in the adjoining months of June and July and are often the peak of the flood issues.

The government has been implored to work on creating a permanent solution.