Man Forced To Sweep For 8 Hours For Dumping Refuse At Kasoa Overpass

Yaw Desmond was arrested by the Awutu Senya East Municipal Task Force for throwing rubbish under the Kasoa overpass at the Kasoa old market.

Yaw Desmond is said to have collected money from market women in order to dump their garbage at a dumping site but instead dumped it beneath the overpass.

Desmond was apprehended and charged by the sanitation task force with sweeping for 8 hours to serve as a deterrent to others.

Senior Public Health Engineer, Mr. Gabriel Agyei Abrefa, told Atinka News last week that the assembly would begin to enforce its bylaws to address sanitation challenges.

Mr. Gabriel Agyei ABrefa also stated that anyone caught in such an act will face immediate justice by sweeping or, if necessary, will be taken to court.

Mr. Gabriel Agyei, on the other hand, advised market women to dump their refuse at the Assembly-designated location in the market rather than assigning unidentified boys to do so.