Tax Pastors Who Sell Products In Church - Charles Owusu

Former Head of Monitoring Unit at the Forestry Commission, Charles Owusu has charged the Ghana Standards Authority and the Ghana Revenue Authority to go after religious leaders who offer products for sale in their places of worship.

Charles Owusu, speaking on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" morning show, bemoaned the practice where some Pastors sell things like favour oil, money perfume and some kinds of cream they call "Witches cream" aimed at warding off witches among others to their congregants.

He raised serious concerns about the non-hygienic conditions and harmful effects of the products that these so-called religious leaders put on sale.

To him, the Ghana Standards Authority which is responsible for the maintenance of acceptable standards for product and services and sound management practices should move into the churches to verify the authenticity of the products and take punitive actions against the Pastors.

He also admonished the Ghana Revenue Authority to tax every Pastor who sells commodities in the church.

"I beg Standard Board Authority that we know the churches. We know them; we should go after them. I also want to tell the GRA that you can't tax offerings but you must tax people when they engage in trade. So, you can tell me that if you are in a church and sell cream products to about a thousand people, then keep the money in your pocket in the name of God. No! They should tax those people," he said.