Leaked BugriTAPE: 'This Is Just Not Fair' - IGP Nearly Breaks Down

"This is just not fair", the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo-Dampare has expressed his displeasure with his name being drawn into the ongoing parliamentary probe involving senior Police officers, COP Alex Mensah and Supt. George Asare who are alleged to have conspired to remove the IGP from office.

COP Alex Mensah and Supt. George Asare, appearing before the Parliamentary Committee investigating the leaked audio which exposed their plot, made wild allegations against the IGP, accusing him of poorly running the Police Service and nepotism among others.

The IGP is also accused of working against the governing New Patriotic Party to lose next year's general elections.

The officers, specifically COP Alex Mensah, further made an emphatic statement before the Committee that Dr. Dampare masterminded the secret audio recording, hence compelling him to appear before the Committee to set the record straight.

Responding to the allegations, the IGP, in a teary tone of voice, asked; "Are we killing patriotism?"

Recounting the effect of the allegations on him, he stated; "I felt in my spirit that this is just not fair. Honorable Chair, it is just not fair!...That anybody can just get up, make allegations upon allegations and people who go across the country at times 48 hours without sleep just keeping the country at peace will be called to come and answer allegations that are unfounded and that becomes something". 

"Anyway I'm here; I have no choice. I have no choice and have come and I say it to glory of God, my Maker who sustains me everyday, I will speak to the matters as you direct and I am doing this because of the respect I have for myself, for my family, especially my children and wife, for the office that I occupy, for my brothers and sisters who are sitting behind me that we have pulled ourselves together in an unprecedented manner in a team work to get these things and for the respect I have for the instutitons of State including the Parliament we are here today and more importantly the respect I have for Mr. President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for the honor that he has done me for making me the Inspector General of Police to work with my colleagues and equally more importantly for the respect I have for the good people of this country", he expressed his disappointment.