Ghanaian Among Illegal Migrants Entering US Via Southern Border

An unnamed man claiming to be a Ghanaian was spotted among about a dozen migrants who were allowed entry into the United States according to a Fox News report.

In the video available, US border officials are seen allowing the migrants enter through giant iron gates in batches.

As the gates are shut for a particular batch, the reporter is heard saying: “Every person who is just let through appears to be a single adult male…I don’t know if they are all with the same group, let me try to ask.”

He goes close to them and asks for their nationality in Spanish, after posing his question, a young man wearing a face mask as all of them are responds: “Ghana, Ghana.”

“You are from Ghana,” the reporter asks and he nods in the affirmative. He is wearing a black sleeveless Adidas top with a black bag behind him.

The reporter goes on to ask the other migrants, Haitians, predominantly why they decided to force their way into the United States.

Watch the report below: