Bawku Conflict: An Attack on Any of Us Is an Attack on All of Us - Nana Ofori Owusu

Nana Ofori Owusu, National Chairman of the Progressive People's Party (PPP), has expressed worry over the continuing conflict in Bawku in the Upper East Region.

The Bawku conflict has resulted in the deaths of many people and several others incurring various degrees of injuries.

The latest report emanating from the area is the closure of some four radio stations, which sources say was carried out last Saturday, February 24, 2024, amid heavy military protection, following a recommendation by the Upper East Regional Security Council (REGSEC).

Peacefmonline.com is reliable informed that incendiary utterances of some panelists and presenters of the affected radio stations have contributed to the escalation of the Bawku conflict leading to loss of lives and property in the area.

The affected stations are Bawku FM, Source FM, Zahra FM and Gumah FM respectively. 

Commenting on the issue, Nana Ofori Owusu noted that Bawku is underdeveloped due to the tensions and asked the residents and the leaders in the nation to ensure peace in the area.

He stressed it is precarious for every person in the country if Bawku remains unsafe.

"We, as Ghana as a totality, must see that an attack on any of us is an attack on all of us. If someone has discomfort or living in virtually a war zone, are you safe? You are not safe!", he exclaimed.

The PPP National Organizer appealed to the people to find a lasting solution to their dispute, saying "how can you grow up in the same community, you don't have good drinking water, that affects all of you. You are not getting good schools, that affects all of you. You are getting good roads, that affects all of you".

He continued; "You are not access to funding, that affects all of you and instead of looking at the things that are common to all of us for us to fight against to better our way of living, we are rather looking at each other to bring each other down, to harm each other and to do all of these things. At some point, the responsibility of the community must come to bear and the community must rise up and hold each other's arms to bring about the solution."

Nana Ofori made these submissions on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" show Monday morning.