Meet The Four (4) Ghanaian Travel Vloggers Putting Ghana on the World Map

Vloggers are content creators who use video to communicate with their audience. They create video content that typically centers around a specific topic or theme, such as beauty, travel, or cooking.

Vloggers often build a following by establishing a personal connection with their audience and sharing their experiences, opinions, and perspectives.

Vloggers can come from a variety of backgrounds and may have different levels of experience with video production. Some vloggers are professional videographers or filmmakers, while others may be amateur enthusiasts passionate about a particular subject.

Some Ghanaian content creators who identify as travel vloggers are really putting Ghana on the map.

Akosua Shirley

Akosua Shirley, affectionately known as "The Area Girl with Brandiiiing." Her vibrant personality, coupled with a down-to-earth demeanor, forms the heart and soul of her engaging content.

Originating from a profound love for all things Ghana, Akosua's journey in the realms of food, travel, and lifestyle began as a response to the lack of representation for individuals like herself. Her blog is a testament to her personal goal - to make travel accessible to everyone, particularly Ghanaians.

With an unwavering spirit and a mantra of "yes, you can," Akosua, armed with a 'weak' passport and inconsistent funds, embarked on solo adventures across the world, from her solo backpacking journey across the entirety of Ghana in 32 days to traveling 16 other countries. Her blog not only narrates her personal escapades but also serves as a lens through which she showcases her Ghana to the world, aspiring to instill patriotism among her fellow Ghanaians.

What sets Akosua apart is the authenticity that permeates every aspect of her brand. Always true to herself, she shares not only her love for travel but also her passion for trying new things, her affection for plants and animals, and her commitment to an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Looking forward, Akosua is eager to collaborate with brands in the hospitality, travel, food, and lifestyle sectors that align with her values. Hers is a simple yet compelling human story of cherishing the present while exploring the vastness beyond.

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IG: @akosuashirley
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YouTube: Akosua Shirley

Kofi Dotse

Kofi Dotse is a content creator and a travel contributor from Ghana with a keen focus on narrative-driven visual storytelling. He has worked with leading global brands and on award winning campaigns. As a contributor, his work can be seen in Global Citizen, Fodor's Travel, Timeout Travel, Jetsetter Magazine amongst others

Handle: @kofigramm on all platforms

Pearl Afua Fynba Pireku

Fynnba@Travel Blogger: Hey there, I’m Pearl Afua Fynba Pireku, a dynamic Ghanaian-born content creator and influencer with a multifaceted portfolio spanning the realms of travel, fashion, and lifestyle. My journey into the digital sphere has been marked by a passion for exploration and self-expression, leading me to collaborate with esteemed brands such as NIVEA, Samsung, GTP, Club Shandy and many others.

My initial niche was within the fashion domain, but the trajectory has since evolved organically, leading me to diversify into lifestyle and travel content creation. My adeptness in navigating diverse cultural landscapes has taken me to captivating destinations, including Rwanda and South Africa, where I have partnered with local tourism boards to showcase the richness of these regions.

Across platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and X, i have cultivated a devoted following drawn to my authentic storytelling, vibrant aesthetic, and unwavering zest for life. My ability to seamlessly weave together narratives of style, adventure, and cultural exploration has not only captivated audiences but has also solidified my position as a leading voice in the digital influencer space in Ghana.

With an eye for detail and a genuine connection to my audience, I would want inspire and empower others to embrace their passions, explore new horizons, and celebrate the beauty of diverse cultures around the globe.

Fynnba@Travel Blogger: @fynnba_ on Instagram & X
Fynnba@Travel Blogger: Fynnba Pireku on YouTube
Fynnba@Travel Blogger: Fynnba_explores on TikTok

Stella Shanelly

My name is Stella Kafui Sabuki, with a brand name as Stella Shanelly. A travel lifestyle creator. I’ve covered all 16 regions in Ghana and explored 18 countries. I have a YouTube channel named, Stella Shanelly that aims at exploring beautiful tourists’ places in Ghana and beyond.

Just over five years years ago, I started a youTube channel with the sole purpose of documenting and sharing a fun trip I had with friends. What was meant to be the post of one leisurely trip, become two posts and today, over 10 million total views later, has become one of the fastest-growing Ghanaian youTube channels.

The brand Stella Shanelly focuses on creating fun, educative and informative travel and lifestyle experiences.
Having spent some time as a facility manager and a commercial model, I have been able to incorporate my presentation skills as well as a naturally friendly demeanor into my videos and this has endeared me to a lot of viewers both on YouTube and other social media platforms.

All my social media platforms are with the name
Stella Shanelly.