Stop Demanding Money From Politicians – NCCE To Electorate

The Chairperson of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Kathleen Addy, has cautioned the electorate to desist from demanding money from politicians as a form of ‘bribe’ in exchange for their votes.

According to Ms. Addy, this negative development is slowly gaining ground in the country as the electorate on several occasions have been seen aggressively demanding money from politicians in exchange for their votes. This, she said, was a threat to the country’s democracy.

“This year we are seeing more and more of that. It is worrying, it is disturbing and it is a very negative development and very unfortunate. As we grow in our democracy, we should be getting stronger. The democratic culture should be better rooted, and we should move away from negative things.

“But when it comes to money and politics, it looks like the more we mature in democracy the more we make it about money, and this is completely wrong,” she said.

Ms. Addy further indicated that this practice distorts the democratic process, as votes are no longer based on political beliefs or policies but on financial transactions, adding that the practice undermines accountability, as politicians may feel less responsible to their constituents and more beholden to those who funded their campaign.

“Money shared by politicians is never free money. It comes from someplace and goes back to that place with interest. Let us stop making demands for money from political actors so that we can hold them accountable for the things that are important to us,” she added.

She encouraged the electorate to exercise their right on December 7 to help elect competent leaders for the nation.

She made these assertions at the media briefing on the commencement of activities of Inter-Party Dialogue Committees (IPDCs) for Election 2024 under the theme, “Together We Can Build Ghana, So Get Involved” in Accra.

The spokesperson of the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu called on the youth to reject any offers from political actors to perpetuate any form of violence during, before, and after the December 7 election.

“I speak to the people of our country that no politician is worth the blood of any young person. This year let no blood drop on the surface of our land in the name of politics. We must eschew violence,” he said.

Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu bemoaned some isolated reports of violence among party enthusiasts in the limited voter registration exercise, adding, “Just limited voter registration recorded violence where some people were cut due to cutlass fights. So if this is how we have begun then December 2024 what are we envisaging?”