Positions Are Temporal, Don’t Create Permanent Enemies – COKA Advises

A Former Chairman of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) in the Ashanti Region, Odeneho Kwaku Appiah has cautioned politicians and people in power to be mindful of how they use their positions while in leadership.

According to him power is transient and positions are equally ephemeral.

He also urged colleague politicians and people in leadership to reflect on when they had no power and make time for their electorates.

In a Facebook post, he writes

“Be careful you don’t create permanent enemies with your temporal position because all positions have expiry dates. The constitution, the appointing authority and the people's votes make your position temporary. When we are in position, we must be careful not to use it to cause pain in people’s lives”

He added that people must be humble in all leadership positions they hold and are called to in the country.

“I met a former MP at a funeral and where to sit was a problem because there was no chair. MPs and ministers were all seated and there was no place for former appointees. I gave him my seat while others were not willing to do so. Because of your temporary position, you don’t respect anybody, you don’t pick your calls, you have 3 wives, chase people’s husbands, take people’s property and chop alone. Before you were asked to lead, you had friends and family, please respect them because a day is coming that you’ll be holding your 3 mobile phones without a single call. One day when you are out of your position without your police escort, you will join a queue, we shall meet at a function and that is when you will try to be nice to others but it will be late.”

Odeneho Appiah further advised position holders to avail themselves and stop living like demi-gods as life will play back to them someday.

“Today that you are in position, don’t listen to only those surrounding you, make time for those who don’t have access to you because you need different opinions. Anytime your followers start singing praises or giving you names that were not given to you by God, you need to be careful. Please leave your policeman and make yourself available so that you can hear from the “ordinary people“. Remember your position is temporary so stop fighting everyone you meet. He stressed.