Auditor General's Report Exposes NPP's Recklessness In Managing Public Funds - Benjamin Kofi Quashie

South African Council of Elders Chairman and the Group Chairman of Allied Consortiums, Mr. Benjamin Kofi Quashie has cast a damning verdict on the government's handling of the Covid19 expenditures.
According to him, the Auditor General's report as released recently has revealed the endemic corruption inherent in Nana Akufo-Addo's government and exposed their disregard for the conscience of the nation.
"I've taken my time to read the Auditor General's report and it's damning. I look at the report and see our country on the verge of total collapse. The impunity with which this government does it's things, the disregard for laid down procedures, the disregard for the conscience of our nation is something I cannot even wrap my head around", SA Council Chair averred.
The Allied Consortiums Group Chair was however quick to explain that, what he is talking about has nothing to do with political expediency or not. "Covid19 happened and everything was geared towards covid but, little did we know during the global pandemic when ordinary citizens were suffering, that the government was making money out this pandemic", he shared.
He stated that the Auditor General's Report on Covid19 expenditures has revealed the insensitivity on the part of government. "How can we be this insensitive. You read the report and you ask yourself; "Does the President read these things, does the Vice President read these things?" he quizzed.
Mr. Quashie wondered whether we are going to align ourselves with politics and allow the wanton dissipation of public funds to go on. "Public funds Ghanaian tax payers have given to us to be used to run the country is being used to run individual egos, individual objectives and plans", Benjamin Quashie intimated.
The National Democratic Congress' SA Council made these assertions in a zoom interview with Blessed Sogah on 'The Pulse Show" on Joy News, Thursday, 1st February, 2023, analysing the Auditor General's Report on Covid19 expenditures.
He however, underscored the fact that, people cannot say the NDC is just making a hue and cry about this but, "It's absolutely not here nor there. The report is damning. You can't do this" he affirmed.
He disclosed that the Auditor General was appointed by this government and that might be the reason why he is unable to surcharge those who have misapplied state funds. "Maybe, he doesn't want what happened to Domelovo to happen to him" he ended.