NDC MP’s Voted Their Conscience – Ahiagbah

The Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Richard Ahiagbah says the approval of all Ministerial nominees by the NDC members of Parliament should not be viewed by the party as betrayal but rather an expression of their conscience.

Speaking on Joy News’ current Affairs programme Newsfile, he said attempts by the NDC to portray the government as having failed to reduce the size of government is politically motivated and wrong as government has made several interventions in that regard.

“Democracy in its fullness was manifested where people in my view voted their conscience. The NDC can think it’s a betrayal. But is it also the case that people thought it was wrong that in spite of all the interventions and the proposals government has made to cut expenditure which is carried in the budget before Parliament to say we are not doing anything to cut expenditure. It's a fixation of the NDC which for me, is political. It’s just not true” He said

He also said that the President since assumption of Office has demonstrated his commitment to reduce the size of the government and also cut expenditure even to the extent of scrapping Deputy Regional Ministers though the President has the mandate to execute.

This, he said is demonstrated when Parliamentarians who double as Ministers only benefit as MPs though they are supposed to receive some form of benefits as Ministers as well.

“From the first term till now, you will see that the size of government has tremendously been reduced. This is the one time in our history where you don’t have Deputy Regional Ministers, so there are significant concessions made in that direction but we shouldn’t overlook the fact that there is a mandate given to the president. He needs a team to do it,” he added.