Kpessa-Whyte's Professorship Questioned After Supreme Court 'Battle'

Former Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan has cast doubts over the professorship of Michael Kpessa-Whyte after he attacked the image of the Supreme Court.

Prof. Michael Kpessa-Whyte was arraigned before the court following a series of tweets by him on May 19 when the Supreme Court ordered Parliament to expunge the name of Mr. Gyakye Quayson from its records as a Member of Parliament because he was wrongfully elected.

"The highest Court of the Land has been turned into ‘Stupid Court’", Kpessa-Whyte tweeted

He continued; “They have succeeded in turning a Supreme Court into a Stupid Court. Common – sense is now a scarce commodity.”

He was ordered to appear before the Apex Court to show cause why he should not be cited for scandalizing the Supreme Court but Prof. Kpessa-Whyte pleaded "guilty with explanation" to the charge.

His legal team led by Dr. Justice Srem Sai also pleaded for mercy saying "we pray for the mitigation of sentence. My lord, immediately the matter was brought to his attention, he did issue a clear, unreserved apology which we have accordingly brought to the court’s registry, addressed to the acting Chief Justice".

“It is our humble prayer, in all humility, we plead for mercy. We are also undertaking that such a sad and regrettable occurrence will not ever again. We commit to defending the integrity of this honourable Court,” Dr. Sai added.

The Court, on Tuesday, May 30, cautioned and discharged him.

Addressing the issue on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" show, Kwamena Duncan challenged Prof. Kpessa-Whyte's position as a Professor as, to him, a Professor will not make such statements.

He likened the Professor to a child or an imbecile saying "it doesn't take any serious mental effort to irritate someone. It's even easy for an imbecile to irritate", so, in his view, Professor Kpessa-Whyte behaved like one when he labeled the Supreme Court as "stupid".

He cautioned people not to denigrate the judiciary stressing "this country will collapse without law and order".