I Haven't Lost Faith In Special Prosecutor - Kwamena Duncan

Kwamena Duncan has reposed confidence in the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, to execute his task effectively.

It could be recalled that the Special Prosecutor recently lashed out at the Judiciary over their supposedly lackadaisical attitude towards the fight against corruption.

Lawyer Kissi Agyebeng bemoaned the trend where almost every case he sends to the court is dismissed and, expressing his frustrations, cautioned that the increasing numbers of dismissive rulings in corruption cases would have grave implications for Ghana.

He noted that corruption is a major threat to Ghana's economic development and erodes public trust in government, therefore warned that hastily dismissing corruption cases is dangerous for the country.

Special Prosecutor Criticizes Judiciary

“Indeed I have had several calls from well-meaning lawyers admonishing me that they have heard talk that our friends who have been elevated to the bench and presiding over cases in court do not take very kindly to criticism, especially of the public calling out variety as we do. And that if the office persists in the media releases, the judges will gang up against the office and throw out all our cases.

“It will be absolutely of no good should it be the case that the OSP is set against the judiciary or that the judiciary is against the OSP. That will surely spell disastrous consequences for this republic, especially in the fight against corruption to the glee of corrupt persons”, Mr. Agyebeng said at a press conference.

“I do not intend to sound as though I’m predicting doom but we are facing doom. With this development, it will not be long, [before] a suspected murderer or armed robber will boldly walk to court with the unthinkable prayer that the court should injunct law enforcement agencies from investigating him,” he warned.

The Special Prosecutor's remarks have attracted mixed feelings from the public. 

Incompetent Kissi Agyebeng

The former PNC General Secretary, Atik Mohammed, analyzing the issue concludes that Kissi Agyebeng is an incompetent Special Prosecutor.

"I think we have an incompetent OSP on our hands and I don't mince my words when I say that. He is an incompetent OSP, absolutely incompetent!", he opined and expounded that "a lawyer should not even speak the way he is speaking. He is creating the impression that there is a grand agenda by the Judges to frustrate his work which is unacceptable. It's objectionable".

"He is always in a rush to do something and he talks more than he actually works...as if he is the only one who understands the law or his understanding of the law is sacrosanct and that any other opinion other than his opinion is wrong," Atik added.

Hope In Special Prosecutor

But the former Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan is least perturbed by the failures of the Special Prosecutor.

According to him, the fact that cases filed by the Special Prosecutor are thrown out by the court isn't enough "basis for me to grade him and to say that he has been incompetent".

Although condemning Kissi Agyebeng's resort to holding press conference to address his concerns, he however believes what the latter needs is encouragement.

"Frustrations must come and that is where you provide leadership. You show leadership. When frustrations come, the way out is not to hold press conference; that I have disagreed with you as officer of the court," he admonished the Special Prosecutor but stressed "I haven't lost faith in him...If the country wants the best, what we must do is that we continue to encourage him. We continue to cooperate with him...I will continue to encourage him".