Attack On Judiciary: 'You're Treading On Slippery Ground' - Special Prosecutor Warned

Prof. Smart Sarpong has taken a swipe at Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, over his remarks concerning the Judiciary and how the courts are treating his cases.

The Special Prosecutor, at a press conference, complained bitterly about court dismissing his corruption cases and warned should this trend continue, it may spell doom for the nation.

“Indeed I have had several calls from well-meaning lawyers admonishing me that they have heard talk that our friends who have been elevated to the bench and presiding over cases in court do not take very kindly to criticism, especially of the public calling out variety as we do. And that if the office persists in the media releases, the judges will gang up against the office and throw out all our cases.

“It will be absolutely of no good should it be the case that the OSP is set against the judiciary or that the judiciary is against the OSP. That will surely spell disastrous consequences for this republic, especially in the fight against corruption to the glee of corrupt persons,” he expressed his frustrations.

He added; “I do not intend to sound as though I’m predicting doom but we are facing doom. With this development, it will not be long, [before] a suspected murderer or armed robber will boldly walk to court with the unthinkable prayer that the court should injunct law enforcement agencies from investigating him.”

But Prof. Smart Sarpong disagrees with the approach by the Special Prosecutor in addressing his concerns.

He sought to remind lawyer Kissi Agyebeng of the Act that establishes his office, stressing his office is not above the laws of Ghana, hence if he files a case and it is dismissed; he has several options to seek appeal or review.

He cautioned Mr. Agyebeng that he is on a slippery road and should reverse his steps.

"Fundamentally, expressing frustration on grounds of sending your case to court and the outcome of the court is unfortunate...We have all set the foundation very clear that where he is treading is slippery. Attacking Judges and the judicial system is very slippery.

"Having set that platform and I'm sure all the commentaries are laying that foundation, if Kissi Agyebeng is listening to us, he should notice and I believe he knows that the Act that sets up the office of the Special Prosecutor didn't set it up to come and be above the law of the Republic. So, that office will have to operate under the law", he said during Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" programme Wednesday morning.

The Senior Research Fellow at the Kumasi Technical University advised the Special Prosecutor to ensure "every step he takes is consistent with the law".