Who Advised You To Hold a Press Conference? - Allotey Jacobs Scolds Special Prosecutor

Bernard Allotey Jacobs has decried the lamentations of the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, to the public regarding the Judiciary.

The Special Prosecutor days ago held a press conference expressing his frustrations over treatment of his cases in court.

He warned the increasing numbers of dismissive rulings in corruption cases he sends to the court for adjudication will have serious implications for the nation in the fight against corruption.

“Indeed I have had several calls from well-meaning lawyers admonishing me that they have heard talk that our friends who have been elevated to the bench and presiding over cases in court do not take very kindly to criticism, especially of the public calling out variety as we do. And that if the office persists in the media releases, the judges will gang up against the office and throw out all our cases.

“I do not intend to sound as though I’m predicting doom but we are facing doom. With this development, it will not be long, [before] a suspected murderer or armed robber will boldly walk to court with the unthinkable prayer that the court should injunct law enforcement agencies from investigating him,” Mr. Agyebeng cautioned.

Allotey Jacobs, delivering his submissions on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" programme, expressed his disappointment in the Special Prosecutor.

"He is feeding into that perception that Ghana's Judiciary is not good when you are an officer of the court," he blasted Kissi Agyebeng and asked "who advised him to hold press conference?"