We Won't Allow You And Your NDC To 'Gaslight' Ghanaians Against NPP Again! - Miracles To Kwesi Pratt

Dennis Miracles, a leading member of the Bawumia campaign team, has fired shots at the Editor-in-Chief of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt, when the two met on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" morning show on Friday, July 5.

The verbal spat started when Dennis Miracles vehemently debunked some claims Mr. Pratt made regarding the choice of Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, as Running Mate of the New Patriotic Party to partner Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in the upcoming December polls.

Mr. Pratt, making his submissions on the programme, first highlighted the reservations some people, particularly the Member of Parliament for Asante Akim North, Andy Appiah-Kubi, have about the choice of Dr. Opoku Prempeh.

He quoted Hon. Andy Appiah-Kubi who, in an interview on Joy News, said "if it were up to me to choose, I wouldn’t choose him. He is not my preference...I would want somebody who would be open with the people on the ground, who would be able to deliver the votes, who would submit to the presidency, and who would be important in bringing Parliament closer to the Executive" and some other publications about the NPP Running Mate to buttress his points on the show.

The veteran journalist then took Dennis Miracles to task over the latter's claim of an endorsement by a professor from the University of Cape Coast, who has worked with the NPP running mate, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh (NAPO), in the past.

Earlier on the show, Dennis Miracles called out Kwesi Pratt for exhibiting what he (Dennis) considered as double standards, accusing Mr Pratt of pretending to be neutral while in cahoots with the NDC, and attempting to "gaslight" the youth against Napo and the NPP.

"In fact, if you want those who supported the NDC in a lot of their propaganda, spin and skew against the NPP under President Kufour, Uncle Kwesi is part of them and we will not allow it...The new NPP will never allow anybody to gaslight us. We will state the facts. We will deal with the issues", he stated during the "Kokrokoo" morning show.

Touching on the qualities of Dr. Opoku Prempeh, Dennis replied; "It is only a generous leader that can decide that we will not leave a 100000 children who do not have money at home but we will pay for their fees to come to school. Only a generous leader can do that. Only a generous leader who say children under 18 years with kidney and are in need of dialysis, we will pay for them freely. Only a generous leader will do that.

"Only a generous leader can say, no, if we do away with teacher and nurses' allowances, poor people will suffer; only a generous leader will do that. So, Uncle Kwesi is completely wrong by trying to downplay the description of NAPO as a generous leader. He got it wrong!"

"We will not allow him to gaslight us. We are going to experience NAPO for ourselves...Ghanaians are not going to fall for this; we've seen this trick before. He only finds his voice when the NPP is in power", he fired back at Kwesi Pratt.


When the Insight Newspaper Managing Editor had his turn, he accused Dennis Miracles of misconstruing the endorsement of the professor to be on behalf of some trade unions.

"The professor from the International Department of the University of Cape Coast who spoke did not say that he was speaking on behalf of UTAG or for NAGRAT; he was speaking his mind, but you, Miracles, while speaking after reading the professor's remarks, added that all teacher unions support his statement," Pratt stated.

But the NPP activist interjected, insisting that his comments were being embellished by Mr Pratt.

"I didn't say that. I'm sitting here; let me clarify what I said," he fumed. 

Riled by Dennis' interruption, the seasoned journalist sought to silence the former and fired; "Master, shut up and let me finish what I am saying."

However, an equally incensed Miracles would not back down and even indicted Mr Pratt for putting words in his mouth.

"I never said that. Let me correct you because you are telling lies. I didn't say what you are accusing me of. I won't sit here for you to lie right in my face; it won't work," he said.

Clearly angered by the "youthful" NPP activist's manner of speech and his constant interjections, Kwesi Pratt snapped at him in a disciplinary tone.

"Hey, massa, you will stop what you are doing....I will not allow you to misbehave in this studio....You cannot misbehave in this studio....everyone who is invited to participate in a discussion (on Kokrokoo) performs their task in a decorous manner, devoid of insults....but your behaviour is completely opposite of such standards....listen, you are being disrespectful. You are not my co-equal, " a charged Kwesi Pratt stated.

The already palpable tension in the studio was so heavy that it could literally be touched by one's fingers.

But thankfully, the timely Intervention by the sit-in host, Nana Yaw Kesseh, diffused the already charged atmosphere and prevented the situation from escalating.