My Father Was Very Terrifying In All Aspects - Says Editor Of British Vogue Edward Enninful

Edward Enninful, the Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue, has opened up about his childhood, revealing that he was ‘petrified’ of his father and his strict, authoritative ways.

In a conversation with YouTuber The Diary of A CEO, Enninful recalls how his father's presence would make him feel scared and nervous, and how he would rip up his drawings of women whenever he heard his father approaching.

According to Edward Enninful, his father was a very disciplined man, and he expected nothing less from his children.

"When he was around, you wouldn't play outside, and he expected us to be all home studying. He was very authoritative, very African, and strict," Enninful explains.

Despite his father's strict ways, he mentioned that his mother was a creative force in his life.

"My mother was the most creative, a most incredibly warm mother, who would literally have a paper and a pen and say, ‘Come into the room. There is this lady who sews her into the dress. Zip her up,” he added.

He further stated that his mother's creativity was a stark contrast to his father's lack of artistic ability.

"It was very weird having a father who was not artistic in any way but was so disciplined and my mother who was just a creator," Enninful stated.

Despite his fear of his father, Enninful acknowledged that he inherited some of his discipline and creativity from both his parents.

"It is so funny because now I am literally both. I am so disciplined with my work and on time, and I am also so creative on the other hand. So I got something from both,” he admitted.