Fans Descend On Atsu’s Wife For Dropping Video Happily Dancing

Christian Atsu’s wife, Marie-Claire Rupio appears to be moving on from his death – but social media users aren’t happy and reminding her she has responsibilities!

The widow of the late Ghanaian footballer dropped a recent video on social media, showing her dancing happily to ‘Unavailable’, the recent mega hit track from Nigerian superstar Davido, released off his ‘Timeless’ album.

Rupio was dancing energetically to the track, showing off some seriously impressive dance moves.

However, some netizens weren’t happy, jumping into comments to ask her to continue mourning her husband.

According to them, in Africa, widows are supposed to mourn for 6 months to a year and Atsu has been dead for a few months – at best!

Others stood behind her: “What Ghanaians don’t realise is that what she is doing is a form of healing. Distraction, occupation are all forms of healing. It doesn’t mean that she’s still not broken by her loss. People need to learn to mind their own business. Pray for her instead of criticising her. Peoples mental health is important however you cope is up to you!” one fan said.




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