‘I am Sorry For Suggesting Catholic Priests Should Be Allowed To Marry’ - Bridget Otoo

Prominent media personality, Bridget Otoo, has offered an apology to the Roman Catholic Church of Ghana for suggesting that its priests should be permitted to marry.

She explained that her opinion stemmed from the fact that some Catholic priests are fond of sodomizing young boys at the altar in their quest to satisfy their desires.

Bridget Otoo also disclosed that the priests have been raping women and having multiple children which the church is aware of yet, it has turned a blind eye these acts.

“Can we Catholics also copy others and let our priests marry instead of the immoral lives they are living? Having children, some raping women and sodomizing innocent boys at the altar? That’s not Christlike," Bridget Otoo said as she sparked controversy.

The comment did not sit well with some people who took to her X page to express their displeasure over her remarks.

After a few minutes, Bridget Otoo backtracked on her words and apologized for making such a suggestion but stressed the need for the Catholic church to treat the matter with urgency.

“I’m sorry for suggesting that Catholic priests be allowed to marry, I was trying to be kind. If they won’t change their pedophilic, sodomizing young boys at the alter, raping women and having multiple children all over with the church covering it, I suggest we castrate them,” she wrote on her X page.

Catholic priests being allowed to marry has been a concern that has been raised by some individuals but it has not been given the needed attention by the authorities of the church.