Stop Driving Expensive Cars - Hammer To Artistes

Legendary music producer in Ghana, Hammer of The Last Two, has advised his fellow musicians to stop showing off their wealth and instead show their struggles to the government and the public. He said that this would help them get more support and investment in the creative industry.

Hammer, who was speaking on Joy FM, said that many musicians were not buying cars with their music money but with other sources of income, such as forex trading.

According to him, this gave the false impression that the music industry was doing well when in reality, it was facing many challenges.

"We are not displaying suffering to them. We buy cars with different money. We are flexing. Most people in the creative [music] industry are not buying cars with the music money.

“If you are doing Forex Trading at home and you buy an X Class, and you are pulling up in it and a tax man is looking at you, what are you talking about? We have to speak the truth to power. Let's show them we are suffering. But we can't go around shopping at the expensive places, driving the biggest cars and expect them to feel for us," he said.

He added that while many celebrities are showing off wealth just for show, such actions have implications on how they are perceived by the government.

"If you want to show that your works are promoting the tourism industry, show it. Prove that you are an up-and-coming artiste and you can't afford these things," he noted.