Minerals And Forestry Commissions Documents Vindicate Akonta Mining Company

Documents from both the Minerals and Forestry Commissions, the two institutions that deal with granting permission for prospecting and mining in the country, have vindicated Akonta Mining Company.
The documents clearly indicate that Akonta Mining Company acted within the confines of the country's minerals and mining regulations as far as their operations at the Tano Nimiri Forest Reserve are concerned.
A letter from The Forestry Commission dated August 8, 2022, gave permission to Akonta Mining Company to begin prospecting with the Commission raising no objection to the application submitted by the Company.
The letter was signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, John. M Allotey therefore asked the company "to go ahead with the necessary processes for the applicant's documents subject to the Honourable Minister of Lands and Natural Resources' directives on mining in Forest Reserves"
Furthermore, a letter from The Minerals Commission,  dated September 7, 2022, affirmed the company's application for a mining lease in the Samreboe Concession.
However,  instead of the 25 years leasehold, the Minerals Commission reduced the number of years to 10 instead of the initial 25 years the company applied for.