'Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness' - American Author And Activist, Candace Owens Says

American author and political commentator Candice Owen, has described transgenderism as a ‘’mental illness.''  

The talk show host made the statement following the mass shooting at Covenant School, a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennesee, USA by a transgender, Audrey Hale, which ended with 3 children and 3 adults being killed. 

Taking to Twitter to react to the incident, Candice advised people to keep their children away from transgendered individuals and their parents. 

She wrote; ‘’Transgenderism is a mental illness. Keep your children away from transgendered individuals and their parents. People that support and encourage this are monsters and should similarly be kept away from children. 

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a biological woman that identified as a male called Aiden, was shot dead after they were confronted by police at the private Christian school. 

Hale, 28, who lived in Nashville, Tennessee, was armed with two assault-type weapons and a handgun.