Ericsson Discusses Collaborative Opportunities For Digital Advancement In Ghana

Ericssonaffirms its commitment to Africa by concluding an executive-led delegation engagement with key partners, customers, and industry leaders in Ghana. The recent engagement accentuates Ericsson’s dedication to advancing Africa’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) and network infrastructure, enabling sustainable connectivity, bridging the digital divide, and driving digital transformation across Africa.

The visit is the latest in Ericsson’s #AfricaInMotionjourney and saw Ericsson executives engaging in constructive dialogues with Ghana’s communication service providers (CSPs) and country’s stakeholders on pivotal topics in the nation’s communication industry.

These ranged from enhancing network infrastructure, expanding access to broadband and high-speed internet connectivity, and driving digital inclusion across the country.  Discussions also centered on fostering an ecosystem of collaboration to increase digital literacy, meet the evolving requirements of the Ghanaian market, and facilitate the deployment of advanced technologies, such as 5G as a platform to enable local market innovation.

Ericsson has a long history of partnerships in Ghana and has worked closely with its partners over the years to build a resilient telecom infrastructure in the country and across the continent including Ericsson’s collaboration with works with the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) on spectrum recommendations that support Africa’s transformation into a knowledge economy through the development of technologies that boost connectivity and innovation paving the way for new advanced technologies such as 5G and beyond.

Last year, Ericsson received the 5G Technological Innovations Award at the Ghana Information and Technology and Telecoms Awards (GITTA) for its pioneering role in building sustainable and energy-efficient 5G network infrastructures across Africa.

With a focus on nurturing the next generation of talent and empowering them to drive innovation and contribute to Ghana's growth, Ericsson had launched a graduate program that provides fresh graduates in Ghana with on-the-job and project-based learning opportunities in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and advanced technologies. The company aims to continue on this journey through various programs that support talent, innovation and entrepreneurship.

As digital literacy and financial inclusion take on increasing significance at the national level, Ericsson has made it a priority to expand the reach and amplify the impact of mobile money in Ghana. Ericsson aims to increase collaboration with local CSPs to bolster the accessibility and utilization of telecommunications technologiesto contribute to Ghana’s economic growth.

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It is designed to help our customers go digital, increase efficiency and find new revenue streams. Ericsson’s innovation investments have delivered the benefits of mobility and mobile broadband to billions of people globally. Ericsson stock is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and on Nasdaq New York.